How ShadesDaddy increased click-through-rates by 300%

About ShadesDaddy

Established in 1995 by Susie Cullen, Muddy Puddles is a leading online retailer of children’s waterproof clothing. An advocate of children
exploring the outdoors, whatever the weather, Muddy Puddles supplies waterproofs to thousands of parents and more than 1000 schools and nurseries.

The Challenge

Muddy Puddles’ challenge was two-fold. They sought a way to better understand customer opinion to improve their products and service,
whilst simultaneously improving customer acquisition.

In terms of customer opinion, Muddy Puddles were interested in what
product features customers liked, what new features customers would like to see introduced, and what could be improved, both from a product, and service perspective.

By improving these aspects Muddy Puddles aimed to enhance trust within their brand and increase consumer confidence, drive more repeat traffic to their website and boost online conversions.

How Trustwerx Helped

Peer-to-peer reviews and word-of-mouth are key levers in the children’s retail market for increasing brand awareness, gaining new customers and building trust.

Trustwerx used their invite-only platform to ask genuine customers of Muddy Puddles to rate and review both their service and products.

Feedback was integrated on-site and leveraged in multiple ways to build trust, increase traffic and boost sales. The Trustwerx reporting suite also gave Muddy Puddles richer insights into what their customers were saying about both their service and individual products.

Understanding customer opinion

Trustwerx’s innovative reporting suite allowed Muddy Puddles to drill down into their data using insight tags and advanced filter options. This made it easy to understand and track what their customers were saying. It also enabled Muddy Puddles to make confident operational and business
decisions to improve both their product and service offering.

Improving trust and customer acquisition

Leveraging reviews and making them visible in search and on site was an important way to boost sales.

Working with a Google Licenced Content Partner in Trustwerx, Muddy Puddles demonstrated its fantastic star rating within both organic and paid search campaigns, providing a trust signal to new and existing customers.

Trustwerx’s simple JSON integration meant that product reviews were placed on each product page. Displaying real product reviews helped to increase the confidence of new and existing customers with their decision making at this stage of their customer journey.

Digital Marketing Manager, Muddy Puddles

We were blown away by the results we seen after implementing Trustwerx. By giving our customers a voice, we’re able to make smarter decisions within the business. A 14% increase in conversion rate certainly shows that customers trust the reviews they are reading!

Understanding customer opinion

Customer insight powered by Trustwerx’s reporting suite allowed Muddy Puddles to make confident business and operational changes.

For example, stirrups on waterproof trousers, which help keep wellies in place, were added after listening to genuine customer feedback.

To garner better quality feedback, Muddy Puddles also made the business decision to extend the sending of feedback requests by a few days – which gave customers more time to test their waterproofs in the rain, increasing the quality and quantity of responses.

Improving trust and customer acquisition

Muddy Puddles achieved a 4.8 out of 5 customer service rating which was displayed prominently on their website and in search.

As a result of working with a Google Licenced Content Partner, Muddy Puddles were able to showcase star ratings in their organic and paid search campaigns. Specifically, over a 2 year period their AdWords
campaigns saw a 300% increase in CTRs.

Since integration, Muddy Puddles experienced a 14% increase in on-site conversion rates over a two-year period. This increase is thanks to both an increase in trusted quality traffic, and displaying product reviews prominently next to the ‘Add to bag’ call-to-action.

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